The Mazzarosa Devincenzi winery was born during the creation of the Italian Kingdom, under the will of Senator Giuseppe Devincenzi. Born in 1814 in the town of Notaresco (TE), Devincenzi devoted his life to politics: he held many assignments , first for the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and after for the newborn Kingdom of Italy . He was nominated Senator and played a very important role in the regional development after the unification. His dual and simultaneous interests in industry and agriculture lead him to be a partner and founder of important companies at the time for the country: he was founder and honorary president of the Industrial Museum of Turin (Turin in Piedmont, in the north Italy, at the time pursued policies aimed at the full development of the production system which a few decades later also saw the birth of the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, FIAT); he was also founder and president of the General Society of Italian Winegrowers and founder and president of the Society of Italian Farmers.

He introduced many innovations in Abruzzo, succeeding in the import of unknown vine varieties such as Malbec and Pinot. He implanted wonderful vineyards on his properties and, once he finished his public assignments, he dedicated himself to his estate realising an important oenological establishment in the Municipality of Montepagano (Roseto nowadays).




The Cellar

Like the moderate Tuscans, Senator Devincenzi combined the attention towards agriculture with the interest in building new railways, which would contribute to create a national communication network. He also had many connections with foreign countries, especially England and France, where he took inspiration for the construction of his wine cellar.

Innovator and idealist, he created a unique wine cellar, both for its architecture and its system of lifting and transporting the grapes on rails. It is a large hypostyle hall marked by a series of cross vaults, made of sheet bricks, set on cruciform pillars. The first floor, accessible via an internal staircase, has a flat roof in wooden beams; the attic, on the other hand, looks like a large single room with side windows, covered by a series of wooden trusses with roof tiles.
The 100.000 litres barrel (which had the function of blending the wine) and the water elevator, made to ease and accelerate the work of the farmers, both contribute to make it a fine example of wine-making's industrial archaeology , as it has been recognised recently. Quite peculiar are also the ways of controlling the temperature and the humidity of the wine cellar, given by the walls and buildings surrounding the heart of the wine cellar and by the clay "floor".

The cellar was designed and built by Senator Giuseppe Devincenzi in the second half of the 19th Century, it is one of the oldest buildings of the Region of Abruzzo, and therefore it is a historical and cultural reference point for the entire Region.


Senator Devincenzi died in 1903 without heirs. He left the estate and the wine cellar as inheritance to his niece Maria Maddalena Devincenzi, who was able to maintain the prestige of the winery and continued the work of her uncle with dedication and bravery.

Maria Maddalena married the Marquis Antonio Mazzarosa, who was from Lucca (Tuscany) and came from a family with agricultural background as well, and since then the wine cellar acquired the double name we know nowadays, Mazzarosa Devincenzi.

In the last Century the winery was managed by the co-owners sons and daughter of Maria Maddalena and Antonio. It was then inherited by the grandson of Maria Maddalena and Antonio, Pietro, father of the current owner Antonio Mazzarosa. Antonio, with his three children Maria Teresa, Lucrezia and Giuseppe, continues the tradition projecting new products and the expanding and restoring of the visitable area.

Winery today

The winery continues to function nowadays with all its architectural and structural peculiarities, and the winemaking continues after a process of modernization and mechanization which didn’t bring changes in the arrangement of the wine cellar.

The project of Senator Devincenzi was continued and expanded by his descendants, generation after generation until today: still property of the Mazzarosa Devincenzi family, the wine cellar continues to produce wines that, thanks to the Senator’s attachment to tradition, stand out for their naturalness and genuineness.

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