The Nature Reserve

The Mazzarosa Devincenzi wine cellar is located in the heart of the Borsacchio Nature Reserve, in the coastal area of the province of Teramo.

The reserve was instituted in 2005 in order to protect the territory from urbanisation to preserve its authentic beauty and is a true naturalistic potential.


The Vineyards

The Mazzarosa Devincenzi farm and winery comprehends an area of 1334 acres, 91 of which are vine plantation . From this area come the grapes of the typical Abruzzo vine varieties, the Montepulciano, the Trebbiano and the Pecorino, and international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, allowing to get an overall wine production of 300,000 litres per year.

The vineyards are located on the hills at a height of 150 meters a.s.l., in a particularly favorable area: the sea is only a few kilometers distant, the south exposure to the sun is perfect all throughout the day, the soil drains the water in excess very well and the mountain Gran Sasso sits on the background to all of this, making the terroir unique and perfectly suitable to the cultivation of the grapes. Moreover, the proximity of mountains of 2000 meters of highness contributes to the development of scents and aromas in the grapes, thanks to the temperature leaps that occur during grape maturation.

The wine-making: Technique & Philosophy

Cantina Mazzarosa Devincenzi’s wines are produced exclusively with the grapes cultivated and harvested on the estate’s properties. Each phase of the production is followed and taken care with accuracy and attention, beginning from the cultivation of the vineyard: we take great care of the soil and practice the technique of guided farming, realized following the principles of “integrated agriculture”, which implies treatments on plants only when needed instead of on a schedule, preferring products allowed on organic cultivation and introducing to the winery only grapes with no residual of chemicals. All of this gives birth to a healthy and natural product in the vineyard, that maintains its properties in the cellar.

The grape harvest is made on different phases, according to the fruit maturation; contact with oxygen is constantly avoided, as much as possible, for both the grapes and the must.

"Everyday we put passion, care and expertise into our work, like the real craftsmen: our products are the result of daily dedication and a tradition started over 150 years ago and passed on from father to son."


The majority of our vineyards are 10 to 30 years old, and the wines are monovarietal obtained from the grapes we cultivate: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC, Abruzzo Cerasuolo DOC, Colli Aprutini Cabernet Sauvignon IGT, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC, Abruzzo Pecorino DOC and our top of the line Colline Teramane DOCG Riserva, obtained by the best production of Montepulciano which is selected each four years for the ageing in oak barrels.
Our sparkling wine instead, a novelty of summer 2016, is obtained from a blend of the year’s best production of our two white vines: Trebbiano and Pecorino.

The winemaking, done with the traditional method, is followed in each stage by our expert team: the must’s fermentation is natural and the best production is selected each year for the bottling or the ageing.
Finally, the least possible amount of sulphites is added to the product, thus obtaining a “live” wine: thanks to the fact that it isn’t chemically stabilized, it remains rich in ferments and therefore natural and highly digestible.

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